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At Verum Cosmetic Dentists, we are dedicated to providing you with advanced treatments to promote your oral health and transform your smile into a work of art

Before teeth5
After teeth6

Mature gentleman with failing teeth due to neglect and age. His dentist was repairing exisiting teeth as the work needed to be untaken was extremely complex. There was an old bridge that was fractured and needed replacing firstly. The treatment was in the form of three ultra thin veneers and two new zirconia crowns.This process was carried out over two weeks with the treatment resulting in a new set of teeth and great smile, where the patient can now chew, pain free. We have another satisfied patients after years of discomfort.

Before teeth3
After teeth4

After a fracture to her existing bridge on the upper left side, an existing Verum patient, consulted with us to repair the damaged bridge. As a result we looked at a complete smile makeover. After initial consultation a treatment plan was customised for her. This began with removal of the broken bridge and teeth followed by placement of implants. This took 4 weeks after this period we then created the new smile with high strength emax veneers and a session of teeth whitening on the lower teeth. The patient is a big ambassador for our work.

Before teeth1
After teeth2

This young patient had never smiled at all in her life. She had extremely low confidence due to her teeth. A childhood habit caused an open bite which was more pronounced in adulthood. After consultation she had a digital mock of how her smile could look. The treatment was to have veneers on her top arch on eight teeth. Over the space for two weeks the treatment was carried out the result being a great smile and confident patient.

Before smile-makeover-02-before
After smile-makeover-02-after

Young male patient with missing teeth and discoloured teeth due to poor oral hygience and smoking. This caused low confidence and discomfort when eating. Initially we implanted four implants on the back teeth followed by orthodintic treatment to allign both top and bottom arches. The final stage was twenty veneers on both arches. Over the space of 18 months the result was a great smile makeover and a healthy patient.

Before smile-makeover-03-before
After smile-makeover-03-after

This patent was referred to us, a middle aged gentleman with low self confidence and uncomfortable eating and smiling. This case was a hereditary condition. Over the space of two weeks we mocked up and treated the gaps between the teeth. We also addressed the colour, shape and size with the use of ten ultra thin veneers. The results was great and a new lease of life for our very happy patient.

Before smile-makeover-04-before
After smile-makeover-04-after

This lady had a phobia against dentists. Her appearance caused very lowered confidence. The teeth were discoloured due to trauma and overcrowding and they were also malalligned. The treatment consisted of ten highstrength cosmetic veneers with laser gum lift surgery. Treatment time was three weeks and the results was a confident, smiling patient. Now a regular visitor to Verum.



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